A Milky Mishap

It probably shouldn’t be so hard, but getting all the elements of the work/daycare commute down has been a big part of my new working mom life. Yet I don’t feel like I hear other working moms talk about this as much as I feel like I’m thinking or complaining about it. Perhaps it’s city living, or perhaps it’s just my utter disdain for all things commute related- it’s always on my mind!

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Hyperemsis Part II: My Holiday Cocktail & First Hospital Visit

My 2nd Trimester was supposed to be fabulous. It was poised to occur right in the middle of the winter holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year! I would cross over from 1st trimester misery around Halloween and not reach the awkward 3rd trimester until well after the new year.

The proverbial “they” agreed I was going to feel so much better once I hit this magical 2nd trimester. Supposedly I was even going to want to have sex. Big promises.

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Parking Paranoia

My husband asked me the other day why I insist on being at work early everyday even if I don’t have meetings or urgent tasks. It’s a fair question, I tend to arrive about an hour before the majority of my team. I certainly love me some routine, and alone time in the office (alone time… just the words make me smile) but the question caused me to reflect and unearth some working mom emotional baggage.

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