Monday Funday

It will come as no surprise that for the last 10 years of my career, I lacked any fondness for Monday’s. In retail, the days are long with review meetings, and the state of the business sets the intensity level for the whole week. I worked for a few years at a flash-sale start-up, and Monday’s were so volatile that anxiety would start creeping in around brunch time the day prior. My coworkers and I affectionately branded this angst the “Sunday Scaries”

Motherhood has changed my tune. After spending 48 straight hours with a sick husband and a cranky, teething baby last weekend, I practically skipped into the office Monday morning. In fact I think I did, quite literally, skip. After dropping the toddler at daycare I was suddenly free of needy humans. Off to Starbucks (who I’m actually supposed to be boycotting over the La Boulange scandal), and then on to the office where I savored the utter tranquility of my boring, quiet cube.

Monday escapism: a working mom perk.

The Kid is Alright, and Other Fun Facts

I am absolutely blown away by all of the love and support that flooded in for our family after sharing the baby’s mysterious rash story! I apparently set off the internet alarm bells by posting those (admittedly) terrifying pictures, so I thought I would let interested parties know that my Bear is in fabulous spirits and her pale, nearly-iridescent skin is almost completely rash free.

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