Family Secrets

Starting this blog has sent me on a trip down pregnancy memory lane, and there is no better story to start with than the day I found out I was baking a baby. Do you remember that moment?

It’s very likely you pee’d on a stick and the plus sign appeared. What next? Who did you tell first?


You probably found whoever was in the house, which probably included the person who helped make it happen- presumably some sort of spouse or life-partner, etc. If your husband was anything like mine, they scrutinized the little image, looking for signs of weakness. Brandon was really excited about the idea of having a baby, and as such, he was highly dubious of false positives.

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The Kid is Alright, and Other Fun Facts

I am absolutely blown away by all of the love and support that flooded in for our family after sharing the baby’s mysterious rash story! I apparently set off the internet alarm bells by posting those (admittedly) terrifying pictures, so I thought I would let interested parties know that my Bear is in fabulous spirits and her pale, nearly-iridescent skin is almost completely rash free.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Caution: mommy feelings ahead.

This little Bear cub just had her 1st Birthday celebration, and I couldn’t help but dig through the archives for old pictures from those fleeting newborn days. It feels apropos, as I begin this blog and reminisce about my beginning as a mom. I never expected to enjoy a baby so much (I’d never really been interested in them before). But I was instantly captivated. These images are probably my favorite; at just 2 weeks old she seemed to be laughing with me as though we were old friends, and was already showing her insatiable curiosity. My baby Bear didn’t understand that newborn pictures are supposed to feature calm, peacefully sleeping babies. (I wonder what one of those is like?)

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