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Hi, my name is Martha and I am the creator of i am a working mom blog. I work days at a global retail corporation, managing an international buying team and website. Evenings and weekends (and of course, the middle of the night)  are spent with my husband Brandon and my daughter, who I affectionately call the Bear.

As lovers of travel, over the last ten years Brandon and I acquired 25 different country stamps on our passports. And then in April of 2014, the month my Bear was born, I let my passport expire, unceremoniously beginning a bold new chapter of life. Exploring and understanding different ways of living is my passion, and this current journey is all about navigating motherhood while working full-time in a job that I love.

I spent much of my free time during pregnancy, maternity leave, and now work, scouring the internet for mommy tips, tricks and empathy. My nearest family members are several states away, and my husband and I are navigating our first child on our own in the heart of San Francisco– a magical city, but a city with more shops and resources dedicated to dogs than babies.

One evening I was online and came across the following question posted in a mothers group: “can anyone recommend a good blog for working moms?”  The usually gregarious group of mothers was silent, despite the large number of members who were working women. Many responded with “following!” and the inspiration was planted. Just like myself, other working moms were looking for a place to commiserate, be inspired and unite!

While my experiences may not apply to every mom or working woman, i am a working mom blog is a place where I, (and with some luck, many other moms!) can share the realities of the working mom experience. Enjoy!

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