Observations 2 years in | Sneak peek to a special project

Today is my daughters birthday. 2 whole crazy years old. I swear the second year went by an order of magnitude faster than the first. Is that normal? Is the 3rd going to go even more quickly?

At the ripe age of 2, my daughter:

  • Runs, jumps (barely), twirls and still has that nutty flexibility she revealed as an infant. Splits ain’t no thing.
  • Knows all of her letters, colors and counts things up to 12, give or a take the number 7.
  • Clears her plate after meals, puts toys away before bed, and attempts be independent even when it’s exceptionally annoying, like trying to comb her hair and thinking she will walk the full mile and half to daycare each day.
  • Speaks in sentences, sings every song she knows at bed time, and memorizes bits of stories to then “read” back to us.
  • Throws her utensils, toys, and pretty much anything she can when in a rage because she knows that throwing, specifically, makes me insane.


But that stuff, while maybe exciting and/or novel to me, isn’t who she IS. In the last year, my now 2-year-old revealed a lot of her personality to us. She:

  • Loves to laugh. Belly-laughing preferred.
  • Often chooses to play alone before engaging with friends
  • Observes carefully. She shows empathy by doing, like bringing a sad friend a favorite toy
  • Is obsessed with her dad. I was pretty sure this was going to happen, but man they are two peas in a pod. It’s adorable.
  • Is endlessly curious, but devoted to the things she knows and cherishes, like her stuffed squirrel that is now so ratted it’s barely identifiable.


And 2 years in, who am I now?

  • I don’t exercise. I use my toddler chasing lifestyle as my workout. I’m still surprised by this, as I used to love to running or doing bootcamp classes.
  • I choose my weekend commitments carefully- we have only so much time to get the must-dos done, such as groceries and cleaning, and it’s my only leisure time with my husband and daughter. This has meant some friendships have lost some nurturing, which is tough.
  • I read more books, which is ironic because I ostensibly have less time in my life. (see previous bullet!) But I’ve become more efficient in some places, and have become better at putting my phone down at night to engage with something good for my brain.
  • I’ve adopted a personal uniform. Working in fashion, I used to put more effort into keeping up with trends. Now I care about looking professional with as little energy as possible. I choose classic, timeless pieces that are acceptable anytime and don’t take so much brain-power to outfit.
  • Let’s face it: I’m kind of boring. But I’m okay with that.


Anyway. 2 whole years! I just can’t believe it.

And how about these photos that make us look though my daughter isn’t always dirty and I’m not always tired? I’m taking this post as an opportunity to give a sneak peak to a project we were invited to work on by a friend who is a mom of 4 (including twins!) and has been cultivating a photography passion on the side. We’ve done a few shoots together over the years and I was honored to be invited to help her as she is building out a new motherhood-lifestyle portfolio. She shoots in film, which is just amazing- the light, the quality, the beauty of the images can just catch your breath!

I’ll share more in a separate post with a spotlight on this shoot and awesome mama, but I hope you enjoyed the photos today. If you want to take a look at Jen’s work, head over to her site! www.jenjphoto.com

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