Moms to Marvel: Meet Christine

Welcome to the September installment of my series Moms to Marvel. Each month I am sharing a story from an inspiring mom to get her take and experience on balancing working and motherhood. Check out previous posts here. If you have a story you want to share, or just want to pontificate about this topic with the rest of us, contact me!

Christine and I met on the job in San Francisco, many years ago when we were both childless, footloose and fancy free. The days when we would use our lunch breaks to go to a yoga class, or venture to the Ferry Building for impromptu happy hour on warm sunny days. And boy were those the days. Impromptu anything is a foreign concept to me now as I have willingly shackled myself to the schedule of a charming but impatient, demanding little toddler.

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Hyperemesis Part III: The 3rd Trimester

Fact: The 3rd trimester of pregnancy begins at week #28, and lasts an average of 10-14 weeks, as measured by standard linear time on a Gregorian calendar.

Fact: The 3rd trimester actually lasts approximately 25 years in time as experienced by women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It feels like forever plus another forever on top.  Especially when trying to muddle through pregnant life as a productive contributor to the work force.

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