Monday Funday

It will come as no surprise that for the last 10 years of my career, I lacked any fondness for Monday’s. In retail, the days are long with review meetings, and the state of the business sets the intensity level for the whole week. I worked for a few years at a flash-sale start-up, and Monday’s were so volatile that anxiety would start creeping in around brunch time the day prior. My coworkers and I affectionately branded this angst the “Sunday Scaries”

Motherhood has changed my tune. After spending 48 straight hours with a sick husband and a cranky, teething baby last weekend, I practically skipped into the office Monday morning. In fact I think I did, quite literally, skip. After dropping the toddler at daycare I was suddenly free of needy humans. Off to Starbucks (who I’m actually supposed to be boycotting over the La Boulange scandal), and then on to the office where I savored the utter tranquility of my boring, quiet cube.

Monday escapism: a working mom perk.

Moms to Marvel: Meet Gillian

Welcome to the 3rd installment of my series Moms to Marvel. Each month I am sharing a story from an inspiring mom to get her take and experience on balancing working and motherhood. Check out previous posts here. If you have a story you want to share, or just want to pontificate about this topic with the rest of us, contact me!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Gillian. Our mom friendship kicked off in birth class in San Francisco. Natural-birth class, that is, because we were both into that sort of thing. (Story for another day!) We happened to live within less than a mile of each other, and our due dates were ~10 days apart. And after watching numerous VHS tapes of women from the late 1970’s giving birth, we were bonded for life.

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7 things all you other moms were supposed to tell me about weaning.

Let’s be real: breastfeeding as a working mom is a total circus. Managing your home, your job and your kid in 3 hour increments really is just as stupid as it sounds. But now my daughter is basically weaned. (I say basically because she still valiantly nurses a few dribbles out before bed, and according to the Oath of Sane Parenting, I cannot and will not stop doing something that works to get her to sleep.)

But weaning for this working mom has not been simple or fun. Let’s talk about all the things everyone failed to mention. (Yep I’m looking at you, experienced mom friends. The parenting magazines from 2006 in the pumping room you left me? Yeah, not that helpful. You know who you are, and thanks a million.)

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A Milky Mishap

It probably shouldn’t be so hard, but getting all the elements of the work/daycare commute down has been a big part of my new working mom life. Yet I don’t feel like I hear other working moms talk about this as much as I feel like I’m thinking or complaining about it. Perhaps it’s city living, or perhaps it’s just my utter disdain for all things commute related- it’s always on my mind!

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