Mom Life Fail.

It’s amazing to me how quickly (and easily) my working mom life gets derailed. Sickness, in particular, dismantles all the mom plans percolating in my head. Having a husband, a child, a job, and now a blog, leaves virtually no room for the life schedule to veer off course.

So that is why it’s especially ironic that as soon as I started to feel like things were starting to take shape here at , I contracted the latest daycare disease which has yielded another sinus infection. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that with goop coming out of my eyeballs, I literally can’t read or be on the computer for more than 20 minutes before I have to pause and either pick all the boogers out of my lashes, (such a charming thing to be doing at the office) or just close my lids and go to sleep. Super helpful during a week when I’m supposed to be finishing a book-group book, and I had big plans for my next working mom blog posts. FAIL.

I went over a decade without many events in the sickness department. In the last 10 months (since the Bear started daycare) I’ve been sick more days than I haven’t been sick. NO JOKE. They tell me this will end soon and that I’ll be so happy when she goes to kindergarten and has the immunity of an ox, which sounds splendid, but what about the MOM? I have shown up to work this week with vampire eyes and my coworkers think i’m either a) gross or b) strangely emotional  and both are kind of true.

Moms with survival stories, your input would be extra welcome now!

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