Pump it Up: Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom Returning to Work

One of the biggest sources of stress for me prior to returning to the office was the thought of pumping. Being a breastfeeding mother means you must stop and interrupt whatever you are doing every 3 hours or so to either feed your baby, or express the milk you would be feeding your baby. Every. 3. Hours. Not the most compatible thing with a typical 9-5 working life.

For anyone out there feeling overwhelmed by how to make this work, let’s start with the basics:

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Hyperemesis Part I: The Duchess and Puke Purgatory

Prologue: When I was pregnant, I spent countless hours on the internet looking for stories of working women who were experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum and had hope and coping ideas to share.  Especially the moderate variety- the kind that only puts you in the hospital a few times, instead of the poor women who just have to quit their jobs and live with an IV trolley next to their couch. The middle ground of this sickness was emotional torture because I would have moments of feeling ok, which made me (and others) think it shouldn’t be getting in the way so much. Or that I could predict and/or control it.

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Moms to Marvel: Meet Jesse, My Momspiration

Welcome to the first post in a new series called Moms to Marvel. I’m inviting guest moms from all over to share their experience related to working and motherhood. Going back to work initially felt soul crushing to me– and yet now it’s surprisingly hard for me to imagine life without it…for now, anyway. Every mom inevitably makes some choice around this topic, and I am so excited to have other moms share about their journeys! Do you have a story? Contact me!

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