The Kid is Alright, and Other Fun Facts

I am absolutely blown away by all of the love and support that flooded in for our family after sharing the baby’s mysterious rash story! I apparently set off the internet alarm bells by posting those (admittedly) terrifying pictures, so I thought I would let interested parties know that my Bear is in fabulous spirits and her pale, nearly-iridescent skin is almost completely rash free.


While you’re here, let me share some additional fun facts about this little girl. She is now 13 months old. This means her diaper has been changed approximately 2,800 times. She is also a breastfed baby, which means as her mother I have nursed her approximately 1,875 times. In addition,  as her working mother, I have pumped 480 bottles for her daycare feedings, and an additional 40-50 bottles for storage in the freezer.  As the feeding task was difficult to share with my husband, he and I adopted a simple policy that a dear friend described brilliantly: “mom takes care of the input, dad takes care of the output”. So many feedings, so many diapers. Future parents take note.

let there be cake

Somewhere between 5 and 6 months old, she started dabbling in solid food on a “method” called “Baby Led Weaning”, which in layman’s terms just means “eats table food”. (Yes, any non-parent readers out there, that entire sentence is a thing. More to share on that later.) Her first food was avocado (she is a California girl), and now she proudly wields a spoon and fork to eat her meals, though her accuracy still leaves something to be desired.


She started walking just a week or so before her 1st birthday, and while she is swiftly honing her toddle, I do hope the zombie steps don’t disappear too quickly. It’s really kind of spectacular. She also started cutting her first 4 teeth around the year mark as well. That has been less fun for all of us. Mostly her of course, bone ripping through gums can’t feel good. But neither does trying to function as a  competent mom, manager and wife on sleep that happens in increments of 2 hours.

There are a few words in her heart that she has begun to verbalize: she started with “dog”, and then came “dada” which we hear often and while used appropriately for her father, it is also a favored expression for happy things.

She also knows “mama” but holds it hostage unless she is very upset or not getting what she wants, and then suddenly she can’t find anything better to say, obviously.

There is occasionally “hi” and “uh oh”. Daycare has also taught her “help”, which she has found to be so damn effective at getting attention that now she calls “help” for just about everything. Like ‘oh mom, I can’t get the dishwasher open to mess up all the dishes, “help!” or ‘it’s 2:00 in the morning and spending time with me is way more important than sleeping, “help!”


If she were looking for a future suitor (which she’s not, as she has already been promised to Prince George) I would say this person ought to love peppy guitar music, Winnie the Pooh, and giving high-fives. She’s also fond of climbing herself in to precarious situations, such as standing atop chairs and tables. Due to this, in partnership with her teachers at daycare, we are often talking to her about making “safe choices”. She also has learned the words “space” and “gentle” as she navigates getting along with other babies. The girl loves good stories. She happily pours over her books for extended periods of time. I do hope Prince George can keep up.

She’s pretty busy, you can always see the wheels turning in that giant head of hers. And yes, it’s giant. She’s firmly over the 90th percentile in all categories: height, head-size, & weight. It’s that strong Scandinavian blood from a mostly Swedish father and partly Danish mother. This girl is truly the highlight of our days, and occasionally the low-light of our nights. And now, as many of you learned, we know the little cub is allergic to penicillin in a disturbingly purple way. Eh, you can’t win em’ all, but we sure won with her.

photos by the talented

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