Working & Weaning: No Wonderbra Required

The working mom who maintains breastfeeding has undoubtedly anticipated with great enthusiasm the day she heaves her breast pump out the office window. She may love breastfeeding, but I have yet to encounter a pump-loving mother, working mom or not.

So it was with sheer delight that I began the slow elimination of pumping sessions when my daughter passed her 1st birthday last month. But I have discovered the process is not so simple as I hoped. Frankly it’s extremely uncomfortable!


Ostensibly I should have expected the outcome of a year of aggressive supply maintenance. I’ve dropped from pumping breast milk three times a day during work at my peak to now just once, but my body has taken it’s sweet time catching up. As such, I have found my ladies ballooning to amateur porn-star status by mid-day, making wardrobe planning more than a little tricky. Find me a pumping bra that can handle 3 different cups sizes in one day while looking good (and discreet) under a tailored shirt for work and I will give you the adoration of breastfeeding working moms everywhere.

The working mom office party trick: going from barely-B to double-D, by lunch-time.

Also, how come no one ever talks about this stuff? To the working moms that have graduated from the pump-weaning stage: it’s clear why you would block this absurd period of working mom life from your memory, I can’t begrudge you that. But throw us novice moms a bone and toss out a few pointers before we get too pointy, please?

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