Feeling Super. Sort Of.

Full Disclosure: The picture is obviously old, but it is me. Good-hair-day me. From time gone by, when I was all blissful and twenty-something; childless, with the world at my fingertips. My husband and I did a family photo shoot at places we love in the city, including the Clarion Alley Murals in the Mission District. We had fun making pictures, and they really did represent our enthusiasm for life. Everything back then could be labeled as either work, or FUN. (Except grocery shopping. That is a gray area.)


Then came baby, and all I want to do is be on a couch with my Cheez-it’s and Cookie Butter. I really chuckle at the sight of myself in a dress AND heels. If this were representative of present-day, I’d consider photo-shopping an umbrella into my hand and calling this blog Mary Poppins is For Real.

Moms, this mom-and-working-thing is tough. I am exhausted, all the time. You are too, right? Right? I look back at the old days and scoff at my former self, taking for granted things my husband and I would fuss about, such as where to eat, or when to exercise, or if we had done anything culturally engaging lately. (Or you know, if we should do a family photo shoot of our faux-glamorous selves prancing around San Francisco… no regrets!)

I’m impressed and even envious of the super working moms like Sheryl Sandberg, Angelina Jolie, Marissa Mayer and Beyonce (who isn’t inspired by Beyonce?), they are certifiably fabulous. But sometimes hearing their super stories just makes me more tired. If this blog is going to be authentic, then it’s best I confess the truth right now:

I don’t always want to lean in. I want to go home, cherish the hour I have with my baby before she goes to bed, and then I want to turn my mind OFF until sunrise. Or maybe keep it on Standby, just in case someone wants to play Words with Friends.

Anyone with me? Working moms unite!

Photos by the talented www.jenjphoto.com

Copyright 2015 © i am a working mom blog

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