I Would Walk 500 Miles…

My commuting companion is my baby, and her chariot is full of her baby crap: bottles, toys, and spare clothing with a small space leftover for work things, like my laptop. Not to mention all the parts for pumping breast milk upwards of 3 times a day. And the sneakers I actually wear, because no I don’t do this in heels, I’m not completely insane.

strolling with all the things

Since returning from maternity leave, the Bear and I walk 3 miles round trip daily to work and day care.

This walk is a lovely hour of extra together-time each day; I try not to be offended that baby girl primarily spends it flirting with oncoming pedestrians.

Our journey includes the beautiful Embarcadero of San Francisco, and while pushing her buns around the city requires some extra effort, I can’t imagine a better way to start and finish my work days. We aren’t stuck in traffic, we get some fresh air and it’s really the only thing I do that resembles exercising, because who has time for that anymore?

We’ve already logged well over 500 miles, and there will definitely be 500 more.

Photos by the talented www.cristinmorephotography.com

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3 thoughts on “I Would Walk 500 Miles…

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