Parking Paranoia

My husband asked me the other day why I insist on being at work early everyday even if I don’t have meetings or urgent tasks. It’s a fair question, I tend to arrive about an hour before the majority of my team. I certainly love me some routine, and alone time in the office (alone time… just the words make me smile) but the question caused me to reflect and unearth some working mom emotional baggage.

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Pork, Poop, Puke

Morning sickness is a farce. The nausea, vomit, and extreme fatigue of pregnancy is often a 24-hour kind of misery, cloaked in a casual name that insinuates it’s just a little inconvenience each new dawn of the day. Nothing a few saltine crackers can’t resolve, right? But I and the working moms who have met morning sickness (or worse, as I will discuss in the future) are not fooled, and we won’t soon forget the havoc it can wreak on daily working life.

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Family Secrets

Starting this blog has sent me on a trip down pregnancy memory lane, and there is no better story to start with than the day I found out I was baking a baby. Do you remember that moment?

It’s very likely you pee’d on a stick and the plus sign appeared. What next? Who did you tell first?


You probably found whoever was in the house, which probably included the person who helped make it happen- presumably some sort of spouse or life-partner, etc. If your husband was anything like mine, they scrutinized the little image, looking for signs of weakness. Brandon was really excited about the idea of having a baby, and as such, he was highly dubious of false positives.

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The Kid is Alright, and Other Fun Facts

I am absolutely blown away by all of the love and support that flooded in for our family after sharing the baby’s mysterious rash story! I apparently set off the internet alarm bells by posting those (admittedly) terrifying pictures, so I thought I would let interested parties know that my Bear is in fabulous spirits and her pale, nearly-iridescent skin is almost completely rash free.

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Feeling Super. Sort Of.

Full Disclosure: The picture is obviously old, but it is me. Good-hair-day me. From time gone by, when I was all blissful and twenty-something; childless, with the world at my fingertips. My husband and I did a family photo shoot at places we love in the city, including the Clarion Alley Murals in the Mission District. We had fun making pictures, and they really did represent our enthusiasm for life. Everything back then could be labeled as either work, or FUN. (Except grocery shopping. That is a gray area.)

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