i am a working mom, and this is my working mom blog.

By day I manage a buying team, and by night I get managed by an infant. In the spare moments between, I occasionally find time to eat, shower, and have a conversation with my husband. And now in the spirit of embracing my new working mom identity, I’m going to contribute to the mommy blogosphere. (Farewell, shower time.)

My name is Martha Marie. I’m a relatively new mama,and in my limited experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that any version of motherhood is total chaos: the SAHM kind, the Part-Time Job kind, the Single-Mom kind, and the Full-Time-Working-Mom kind.  All are wonderful, hard, emotional and frankly, C-R-A-Z-Y.

i am a working mom blog is about my particular version of the crazy: I’m the 9:00-5:00 corporate-career-woman living in 800 square feet of urban jungle with a baby in her bedroom. The woman that decided to have a child knowing that me and my husband’s former life of spontaneous dinners out, weekend road-trips and splurging on international adventures were over for the next 20 + years. And, unless our new little family moves away from San Francisco, I knew I would certainly be headed back to work after maternity leave– I love my job, but frankly, I have to help pay most-expensive-city-in-the-country rent.

Along my working mom journey I’ve juggled things like breastfeeding, pumping, hyperemesis, baby-led-weaning and mommy groups, while also trying to figure out the mysteries of day care, commuting with a kid, time management and getting my child to please, please sleep. I have been fortunate enough to meet a wide variety of marvelous mothers along the way who have been tackling these issues (among many others) and have incredibly inspiring stories to share. Someone has to write this stuff down! So, join me as I explore making this working mom thing work.

Learn more about me here!

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One thought on “i am a working mom, and this is my working mom blog.

  1. This is both terrifying and relieving. I’m so glad she’s ok and you got through it! I would have been having daily meltdowns. Inspired by your ability to hold it together!


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